Bad Graduation Prospects

Tanzi and Dmitrieva for Bloomberg: The strong job market should be helping graduates to pay what they owe — and at the top end of the wage scale, it is. But in recent years, while high-school graduates have seen a sharp pickup in earnings, the lower-earning half of college graduates haven’t — and the gapContinue reading “Bad Graduation Prospects”

Throwing Fits: Return of My Favorite Menswear Podcast

In last few years, one’s stable of podcast subscription has succeeded one’s list of frequented websites as a true signifier of content taste level. I’m personally proud of my personal Avengers of podcasts that I’ve assembled. And no, I’m not f’in telling you what they are. Go develop your own taste. The crown jewel, theContinue reading “Throwing Fits: Return of My Favorite Menswear Podcast”

Keyboard Assembly and Switch Lubing Services

Update: I’m currently NOT accepting builds. Sorry for the inconvenience! On top of reviewing cool stuff, I’m also passionate about building keyboards. I have extensive experience doing these things, and I have some free time on my hands. As such, I’m currently offering a professional custom keyboard assembly and switch lubing service. For my standardContinue reading “Keyboard Assembly and Switch Lubing Services”