Podcasters Call Out Streetwear, Hypebeasts Fuming

This morning, an Highsnobiety Instagram post, to the chagrin of many a sneakerhead, quoted Throwing Fits podcasts hosts James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman saying that hype culture has gotten out of control. Soon after, the comment section of the post blew up, bombs lobbed from both sides of the argument. To be fair, the secondContinue reading “Podcasters Call Out Streetwear, Hypebeasts Fuming”

Maybe I Don’t Want To Be Popular

I’ve been getting lots of emails recently from SEO/site analytics people trying to sell me products to boost my page views. Maybe I’m big enough of a fashion blogger that people think I have the bread to pay them for better SEO performance. Or maybe it’s because I stupidly put up my email address onContinue reading “Maybe I Don’t Want To Be Popular”

What I Learned From ‘The State Of Keyboard Design’

My Op-Ed on ‘The State of Keyboard Design’ was deservingly torn apart by the community yesterday, and so a follow-up to it is necessary. I want to start by admitting that the article was flawed in many ways and hit the nerves of many keyboard designers, and I apologize for that. While that was notContinue reading “What I Learned From ‘The State Of Keyboard Design’”

Best of Keyboards 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I thought I highlight five of the best keyboard-related products released this year. Quantrik’s QXP Link: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=95026.0 The QXP is a 60% sandwich-mounted keyboard that made a splash this year with its value pricing, great anodizing quality, standard 60% PCB compatibility, OTD Koala-inspired curves and pleasing color choices. ManyContinue reading “Best of Keyboards 2018”