Collected Content #9

I apologize for going MIA. As with anyone living in these United States, I’ve spent the last few weeks reflecting on such important things as police brutality, anarchy, racism, intersectionality, liberalism/free speech, and cancel culture. In between wrapping up my senior capstone project, taking my last undergraduate final exam, and figuring out what I’m goingContinue reading “Collected Content #9”

Collected Content #8

Intertwined Histories Lead the Decor in a Downtown Manhattan Home by Architectural DigestI guess it makes sense that Emily Bode, whose eponymous fashion brand is built on a unique aesthetic universe, has a home befitting said aesthetic. It’s also very brown which is cool. Inside the Weird, Get-Rich-Quick World of Dropshipping by WiredIt’s mind-boggling toContinue reading “Collected Content #8”

How Kiro Hirata’s Pants Caught on Fire

A few days ago, Eric Kvatek, legendary lookbook photographer for cult brands like Kapital and 45RPM, went on an Instagram Live with The Ponytail Journal, during which he talked about his past lookbook shooting experiences. Not only did it provide cool insight into the inner workings of the brands Kvatek has worked with (most ofContinue reading “How Kiro Hirata’s Pants Caught on Fire”

A.S. Hamrah Interview by 032c

Went in thinking I’d be getting an interview with a prominent film critic, came out obsessing over the best take cold criticism on hot takes: I hope what I write isn’t “takes.” “Takes” to me means short-form bursts shared on the Internet, initial reactions that people for some reason think they have to get outContinue reading “A.S. Hamrah Interview by 032c”

Collected Content #6

Okay this is a long and varied one. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been mainlining online written content like the drug that it is, and there’s just so much good stuff out there. While the production quality of content has decreased as the producer-videographer-talent and editor-writer teams have dispersed, it still remains immensely enjoyableContinue reading “Collected Content #6”