Review: UNIQLO AIRism Mesh Boxer Briefs

People have a natural affinity for things that come in threes. Back when I used photography for, *clears throat*, self-expression, I used the Rule of Thirds grid propensely to properly proportion photos. Writers, too, are acutely aware of this phenomenon, using it often in children’s book titles, lists, and one more example I can’t think of but need to include to complete the triplet. And most famously, Apple uses the Rule of Three in its product marketing, helping launch modern design classics as the iPhone, MacBook, and AirPods.

Similarly, if you have sweaty ‘nads, run hot, or live in Malaysia, you really only have 3 options to stave off the summer heat: commando, boxers, and highly-breathable briefs. If you’re part of the third (and superior!) camp (as I am), you must try the UNIQLO AIRism Mesh Boxer Briefs.

To keep it brief, the AIRism Mesh Boxer Briefs is as brief as a brief brief gets. Designed for a minimal look and feel, the undergarment is extremely lightweight, providing just enough support without feeling like there’s anything there. Unlike the obscene Supreme Hanes boxer briefs I reviewed a while back, there is no external branding, which, obviously, is important if you regularly pull your pants down in front of another people.

The real star of the show is the AIRism Mesh material. Lighter and more breathable than the regular AIRism stuff and, really, most other undergarments, the AIRism Mesh Boxer Briefs are the ne plus ultra of summer underwear. If sized correctly, the material has enough stretch and tension to prevent these underpants from the dreadful ‘ride up’ issue that has plagued support-seeking men for centuries.

If sustainability is your thing, you might have to look elsewhere. Because the material is so delicate, it rips pretty easily. In my case, I noticed the first fingertip-sized hole half a year into ownership with weekly washes and wears. They’re also impossible to recycle and they (likely) shed microfibers with every wash.

Sustainability notwithstanding, Uniqlo has, over the years, made tweaks and improvements to their AIRism underwear line to the point where I consider it to be a perfect product. You can get it from Uniqlo directly. Size up. Buy three.

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