Collected Content #8

Intertwined Histories Lead the Decor in a Downtown Manhattan Home by Architectural Digest
I guess it makes sense that Emily Bode, whose eponymous fashion brand is built on a unique aesthetic universe, has a home befitting said aesthetic. It’s also very brown which is cool.

Inside the Weird, Get-Rich-Quick World of Dropshipping by Wired
It’s mind-boggling to me how much money there is to be made by exploiting the inefficiencies of global capitalism. This article got me thinking about the many ways Western capital can be taken back by countries whose labor forces have been exploited for years, and it could be as simple as learning English, starting a Shopify site and creating Facebook ads.

Screen Protector by 032c
A wonderful interview with A.S. Hamrah, film critic. I don’t know if I agree with most of his takes — they are extremely scathing and hot fire — but it was nice to read something this opinionated in such an uncertain time as this.

Nature, Nurture, and Weight Loss by Andrew Sullivan for Intelligencer
Andrew Sullivan’s weekly column for Intelligencer is one of the few content drops that I look forward to, and this one absolutely delivers. Obesity is a public health pandemic, and we should approach it with kindness.

Pitch Perfect: The History and Influence of the Pitchfork 10.0 by The Ringer
This article resonated with me on many levels, not least of which because I am a critic of clothes. I’ve always been resistant to wielding power like this, but maybe I shouldn’t be.

My Appetites by Jerry Saltz for Vulture
Wow. A must-read. I don’t even want to spoil it.

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