Review: Noah NY Tote Bag

I’ve been finding it difficult to think clearly these days. Isolation anxiety has been conspiring with post-grad uncertainties to ruin my productivity — the only thing that has ever given me validation in life. One thing that is clear, whether pre or post-quarantine, is my choice of bag. Just as I’m stuffing this entire review into a single paragraph, I’ve been thoughtlessly shoving anything and everything into the one (and only) open-top compartment of my Noah tote bag. Pre-quarantine, I’ve been using it to hold my lunch and other knick-knacks I need for school; post-quarantine, it has become my dedicated grocery (and by extension, whisky shopping) bag. The screenprinted navy-‘NOAH’-text-above-red-cross motif is also the only form of streetwear-esque logomania I’ve engaged with recently. By engaged with, I mean I was prompted by strangers in grocery stores (imagine talking in public in 2020!) on whether I was named ‘Noah’, whether I believed in the Lord and Savior, or whether the tote was from a hip Christian grocery chain named ‘Noah’ (????). I finally get the love for Supreme’s signature box logo — it must be nice being asked from time to time about whether or not you fuck with the highest court in the federal judiciary in the United States of America. Oh, right, you wanted a review. Well, it’s a tote and it works so there you go. You can put money directly into the brand’s pocket tote bag by purchasing one at the Noah NY online store. Alternatively, you could also support the good people at Dover Street Market and SSENSE. Just… remember that your tote bag is not a substitute for a personality.

Published by Brian

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