Collected Content #7

The shut-in has done a number on my productivity. Motivation for anything is at its all-time low, and it’s been more than two weeks since my last post. I’ve spent more time scrolling on anything scrollable and clicking on eBay’s page advancing right arrow more times than I could care to remember. Thankfully, this means that I’ve consumed a lot of good content, and I’ve finally mustered up the willpower to deliver a collection of them to you, my fine reader.

The Implausible COVID-19 Movie by
You know shit is bad when you can’t make reality into a movie.

Baking Bread in Lyon by Bill Buford for The New Yorker
This is straight up the most beautiful writing you’ll ever come across. It don’t matter if you’re not into bread, or if you’re not into France, but it does help a ton, and I’m 100% into both those things.

Colin Forbes on the Structure of Pentagram
I’ve been pretty obsessed with Pentagram in the past few years as I’ve gotten really into graphic design. After reading ‘How To’ by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut, I realized that most graphic design in this world, of which there is plenty, is shit. This essay by Colin Forbes, the design firm’s cofounder, describes well their approach to partnership and its resulting enduring success over the years.

Eastlogue & The Rise of Korean Fashion by Die, Workwear!
Korean clothing has improved so much in recent years, and this is a great profile on my favorite brand in this genre.

The A-B-Cs of Watch Finish by Walts Odets
A classic, this article is required reading for anyone into fine watchmaking.

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