Collected Content #6

Okay this is a long and varied one. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been mainlining online written content like the drug that it is, and there’s just so much good stuff out there. While the production quality of content has decreased as the producer-videographer-talent and editor-writer teams have dispersed, it still remains immensely enjoyable as I actually enjoy my content a bit rough around the edges.

The Worst Friend Date I Ever Had by Samantha Irby
This style of super self-conscious, elevated writing about the most unimportant things in the world is what I think The Cut does best.

Hearing From Small Business Owners by Die, Workwear!
Just reading about the challenges faced by small businesses articulated by the business owners themselves makes me so sad. I’ve been doing so much supporting my favorite stores in these trying times that I forgot to support myself. I’m broke help.

Top Notes of Poo by Maureen O’Connor
Kind of an old article, but one that still is relevant now that many people seem to be picking up a natural wine habit. Like in every enthusiast hobby, it’s important to sift through the hype to figure out what is actually good and what is wave-jumping fluff.

Language on Legs by Johannes Reponen
A great article on pants and not trying too hard.

‘PTSD Waiting to Happen’: Bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel on the Realities of Coronavirus Triage by Matt Stieb
If you HAVE to read one article on the virus, and God knows you don’t (I’ve read almost everything out there and I’m going crazy), it would be this wonderful interview with an expert on deciding who lives and who dies in a resource-limited situation. Fun stuff.

Light Relief: Jamie’s Clothes and Style by Permanent Style
I’ve been a fan of Jamie Ferguson’s style photographs for a while now, which makes this survey of the guy-behind-the-camera really interesting. Jamie’s self-styling is a bit more classical that my own, but his fits here have given me a lot of ideas on how to match colors, patterns and textures.

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