What’s On My Mind (April 2020)

In my last ‘What’s On My Mind’, I talked about how my style pickups were just as important as worldly issues, Coronavirus included. Granted, that was before I really felt the impacts of the virus, and making that statement now would be regarded by many as insensitive at best. But riddle me this: why is it that I’m thinking more about things I want to buy, instead of that damned institution-shattering, job-depleting, people-killing virus? Am I a sick and twisted add-to-cart addict?

Anyway, here are some clothes.

Kapital Bandanas

I’ve written about Kapital Bandanas before, and I love them to bits. Recently, as my Gavin Newsom-certified runs remain the only opportunities to flex my fit, I’ve been sporting a little bandana-on-forehead action. I mean, how else am I to show the 3 other runners and that one annoying stroller-rocking young family that I’m heavy in the Amekaji game?

The bandanas have been useful outside of runs, too. Now that I’m barberless, I’ve been using the bandanas to hold my mane up, both kung-fu style and Rosie-the-Riveter style. Also, as @johnbbrooklyn on Instagram has shown, these expensive 21” x 22” pieces of fabric could be reappropriated as makeshift face masks.

Even without the pandemic-specific use cases, the rising temperature signals a re-up on these glorified color accents. Here are some of the styles I’ve been looking at:

Patagonia Natural Baggies

I’ve never been a fan of the regular Baggies, partly due to my general distaste for synthetic materials, partly due to the cultural baggage of Failing-Upwards-influenced menswear. Don’t get me wrong, I love the podcast, but anyone outside their little Instagram bubble would agree that super short shorts, hoodies and loafers look terrible together.

The Natural Baggies, on the other hand, are very much my speed. Made out of a lightweight hemp-cotton blend, this version is sure to keep my important parts cool after long runs. Plus, with these, there is no worry of brutally murdering sea animals with microplastics. Win-win, I’d say!

Plain Tees

This year, I’m skipping light outerwear season and going straight to my summer top of choice — the venerable T-shirt. While my claim to fame as a clothes writer was my article about stupid expensive T-shirts, I’ve come to appreciate the regular, less-stupid-expensive-but-still-expensive-to-that-cheapo-friend-of-yours garment dyed tee.

I’ve had my pair of 3Sixteen heavyweight indigo tees for a few years now, and I really like how they have faded at their seams. They look just that little bit different with every wash, and it’s fun to get that denim-y fading on a top. Recently, the brand released their garment dyed tees for the season in ‘dark smoke’ and ‘ash’, and they’re both bangers. I might just have to pick a few of these up.

Another fade-friendly tee I’m looking at is the Whitesville 2-Pack. Made by Sugar Cane, my favorite denim brand, the Whitesville tees have been swept aside in favor of the newer, hipper brands. However, revisiting these recently, I found them to still be a good option, providing the softness and great boxy fit of a loopwheeled tee at non-loopwheel prices.

French Chore Coat, with a Twist

In the past few weeks, I’ve been finding it difficult to get any work done due to the lack of separation between work and play. Work turns into play, but never the other way around. To get myself in a productive mood, I think I need to start cosplaying as a worker, and no garments speaks ‘work’ more than the classic French chore coat.

The one I’m after is more than just the prototypical Vetra jacket, though. Junya Watanabe has one this season with a large printed ‘Amsterdam Tulip Museum’ on it, presumably to mock hypebeast kids for their lousy clothing choices. Danton, another one of those resurrected, heritage-by-way-of-Japan brands, puts out a lightweight one every season that puts every vintage piece to shame. And if I were to go for a French brand, it would have to be Arpenteur, the brand behind this beautiful, natural-dyed three pocket work jacket.

My closet is full of blue outerwear, and I already own a chore coat (in heavily patchworked denim by FDMTL), but THIS IS DIFFERENT I SWEAR.

Ardbeg Uigeadail

There’s no better way to help me get through this crisis than a super peaty, complex, 8-10 year old, un-chill filtered, sherry-and-bourbon-finished whisky that is bottled at a cask strength of 54.2%.

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3 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind (April 2020)

  1. Hey! Found your blog and review of Kapital bandanas. Very helpful!

    Weird question: I just found and fell in love with this bandana design

    but it’s sold out everywhere, and the only way to get it is resellers on eBay and grailed, with an obvious markup.

    Now the question, are these bandanas worth spending a bit more on to get a sold out design?
    Do they restock designs at all?

    Sorry to bother!

    1. Hey! No bother at all. They do restock most styles from time to time, but it’s pretty erratic. You just have to keep checking the Kapital site every so often, which, pro tip, you should be doing anyway!

      1. Thanks!! I will for sure keep checking the store, I love the brands style. Glad I found them.

        Thanks again!

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