Snow Peak’s Spring Forward: Archive Sale

Right off the bat, the Snow Peak Spring Forward: Archive Sale is the best sale of the virus season to date. These Japanese-designed (some Japanese-made), crunchy G.O.R.P-wear is everything I want to wear right now. From my experience, everything Snow Peak makes fits easy and wears cozy. If I had the bread, I would buy all of this and peace out of the clothing game forever. Maybe move to a little cabin in the mountains and be one with nature.

Don’t sleep on this sale; sleep in it. Here are my standouts.

Ultimate Pima Drill Painter Pants

A version of the painter pants I wrote about a few weeks ago, but made with one of the softest cottons in the world.

Noragi Jacket

My noragi collection has been a Godsend in these trying times. You need one, and you absolutely can pull it off without looking like a cultural appropriator.

Pankou Button Jacket/Pankou Gingham Button Jacket

Ok this may be harder to pull off depending on your race, but wow is this beautiful.

2.5L Wanderlust Jacket

The only springtime shell you need, with enough pockets to hold your entire household’s worth of groceries.

Washi Striped Open Collar Shirt

Forget the loud-printed camp collars that all the Instagram menswear guys are sporting this season. This is it.

DWR Ripstop Pants

With a tear-proof fabric, waterproof coating and side adjusters, these pants will help you brave through the apocalypse and stay tight on your waist even as you shed those pre-famine lbs.

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