Review: Suicoke KAW-VS Slides in Grey Suede

A common refrain among Internet shoe nerds is that expensive footwear is an investment. In that case, I would say that I manage a well-diversified footwear portfolio. I now have a shoe for every situation I can imagine, and probably shoes that I don’t actually need.

Last summer, after seeing the cool Japanese streetwear kids sporting technical slides, I got myself a pair of Suicoke KAW-VSes. At the time, it was a stupid, impulsive purchase. It was late into the summer and stocks were tanking, not unlike the S&P 500 was just a few weeks ago. While I saw a specific and regular use case for them — the if-you-know-you-know footwear for the dash out for high hydration sourdough bread — they saw little foot action outside the home and were relegated to glorified house slippers.

However, as many a seasoned investor would tell you, stupid investments can pay off in the long run. Or something like that. The Suicoke KAW-VSes’ oh-so-plush suede uppers, backed by the softest mesh lining I’ve felt, has made my every quarantined hour in the last 2 weeks so much more enjoyable. When worn, the suede part of the upper never actually comes into contact with your feet, but you could always slip just one side off and get some sole-on-suede action going.

Vibram is featured heavily in the KAW-VS, and if I were to be honest, was the whole reason I impulse-bought the slides. In my 9 months of ownership, the tonal Vibram outsole has been bearish on the stain side of things, but almost neutral in terms of wear — almost unheard of in a typically depreciating asset class that footwear is. The contoured Vibram footbed has a heel bump that can seem irritating at first, and still seems unnecessary to me, but doesn’t bug me anymore now. But maybe that’s because I’m so sexually attracted to Vibram yellow that I can see past all of her flaws.

The KAW-VSes look at home with gorpcore, easy suits, light wash jeans and Japanese workwear, but the real key to pulling these off is to pair them with looser fitting trousers. Proportion is everything, and tight pants will only make your dick feet look unnaturally big with these on. I mean, who are you trying to impress, anyway?

For all you eToro kids out there: invest in Suicokes now. Just as the American economy is crumbling, stocks are rising for repression-proof assets like gold and comfy home footwear, and the outlook is especially great for ones you can wear out the home come summertime. Get the KAW-VSes at your favorite highbrow, super niche, struggling small business you could never previously shop at because you were too uncool. And Nordstrom.

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