Collected Content #5

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been slow to put out content recently, and y’all are hungry for some non-rony content. Chill. Trust that I’m buying more clothes than ever now that I’m shut in. For now, though, here are some of the best reads from the last week:

Errolson Hugh: the Canadian Designer Behind Berlin-based Apparel Brand Acronym
It could be the apocalypse-prep in me these days, but I’ve been looking into techwear much more recently. As anyone who has travelled down this dark, dark path, I have found myself looking at ACRONYM, the brand that has been doing it the best for a really long time. Here’s a recent interview with ACRONYM designer Errolson Hugh that I really enjoyed.

Sometimes Distractions Are Good by Die, Workwear!

The African-American Art Shaping the 21st Century by The New York Times
An amazing collection of Black creators’ takes on other Black creators. It’s always cool to read about an artist’s unfiltered insight on another artist, and this article has 35 of ’em on Black culture — the most dominant cultural influence right now.

The Art World’s Mini-Madoff and Me by Kenny Schachter
Drugs, money, sex, and fine art?

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