Review: R.M. Williams Craftsman Chelsea Boot

I got these boots three years ago while visiting some friends in London. I didn’t think much of leathers, outsoles or any sort of specifications then. It was a good deal and I was looking for a pair in a tan color.

In writing this review, I thought back to that moment, remembering vividly how the salesperson said that it was made from the hide of a young cow. Yearling, they called it. For softness, they explained. At the time, I thought: ‘Choosing the right leather to create the best possible boot? Fire. All brands should do this.’

Now that I think about it, though, THEY KILLED A BABY COW FOR MY BOOTS!!!! Nevermind that the whole upper is made of one piece of leather — who knew that the lack of under-gusset-stitching could be an if-you-know-you-know flex. Nevermind that it is comfortable, is easy to put on and works with a range of different pant options. Nevermind that its silhouette strikes a perfect balances between dress and workwear. Nevermind that these Goodyear Welted boots are made to last for years as they have for me so far. THEY KILLED A BABY COW!!!!

Can I really recommend this boot knowing that young Bessie would be brutally slaughtered for what boomers consider a drop in quality? Yes. This boot, like many others made of the same hide that Bessie died for, will long outlive what life Bessie would have had. I got my pair before R.M. Williams’ ownership transfer to the LVMH group, which means that my pair doesn’t suffer from the recent quality control complaints, but the newer boots are still built-to-last and worth the price of admission.

Get these from the baby-cow-killers themselves at R.M. Williams’ website or at many of the wonderful multi-brand retailers. You may feel guilty at first, but that feeling will dissipate as soon as you see how rockstar you look with these on.

Published by Brian

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