Maybe I Don’t Want To Be Popular

I’ve been getting lots of emails recently from SEO/site analytics people trying to sell me products to boost my page views. Maybe I’m big enough of a fashion blogger that people think I have the bread to pay them for better SEO performance. Or maybe it’s because I stupidly put up my email address on a publicly accessible webpage. Who really knows at this point? (it’s the latter)

Regardless, Sophie, Helen, Priya, it breaks my heart to tell you this, but maybe I don’t want to be popular. Maybe I don’t care about getting more views on the articles I spent countless hours on. Maybe it doesn’t hurt me that no one knows how much time I spent formatting the website to look good on both web and mobile. Maybe your fake, suspiciously only female-sounding names don’t compel me to click on your emails.

I’m gonna slog away on this expensive custom-designed mechanical keyboard, day-in day-out, without care for SEOs or analytics. And that’s cuz I’m indie. As in independent, bitch.

Published by Brian

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