Review: Elijah Craig Small Batch

Tasting Notes

Nose: Classic bourbon profile, with an immediate hits of vanilla and oak.
Palate: Oak, vanilla and sweet corn forward with a side of nuts and dusty corn. Full-bodied bourbon profile with that little bit of rye spice that makes it interesting. One of the sweetest bourbons I’ve tried, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Finish: Short, but oak-dominant with hints of rose (!!!).


Alright. This is my first foray into alcohol reviews. Despite my lack of writing experience in this field, trust that any opinion here is valid because I drink a shit ton. I mean, alcoholic writers are fire, amirite? Also, I’m trying to write this series ONLY when I’ve had a bit to drink. It’s my way of PRETTY MUCH guaranteeing that the content is FULL OF CAPS LOCKS and VERY GOOD.

Back to the whiskey. There has been lots of boomer talk about how Elijah Craig is no longer listed as 12 year-aged, but rather an NAS (no age statement — bourbon boys REALLY love their acronyms). Personally, I think people put too much stock in a whiskey’s age. Sure, a higher age can show up as additional complexities and nuances in flavor, but from my experience, what it mostly does is temper the harshness little, and I like all the #feelthebern I can get.

12-year aged or otherwise, the Elijah Craig Small Batch is incredibly smooth drinking. It’s not as sharp as its 47% ABV would indicate. Yet, it is far more complex than other bourbons at a similar price point, easily trumping, to my taste buds, under-$30-staples such as Wild Turkey 101 and Maker’s 46.

Like this paragraph, my only critique is that the finish could be longer.


7.5 Very Nices. Elijah Craig Small Batch destroys all the competition under the $30 price point, in the same way (insert your favorite conservative podcaster/talk show host) destroys (insert random pink-haired liberal). This, along with Buffalo Trace and Old Forrester Rye, represent the ne plus ultra of Broke Boy Bourbons (BBB).

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