Review: Lamy 2000

I’m running out of content to write about. I can only spend so much money on clothes to review (sponsor me), so I’ll go for this low-hanging fruit and say that the Lamy 2000 is the best sub-$200 workhorse pen out there.

As a college student who remains true to the analog in my note-taking, I use my writing utensils heavily. As such, on top of being fun to use and aesthetically ‘a vibe’, they need to be hardy and efficient. My pair of Lamy 2000s, kept inked in blue and red for contrast note-taking, does exactly that. The platinum-tipped gold nib has the right amount of flex for soft yet speedy writing. The light, rounded and tapered-to-the-nib Makrolon body is also comfortable to hold and write with over extended periods.

Most importantly, reinking the 2000 is a joy. The pen provides easy access to both ink levels via the ink window and ink filler via the seamlessly integrated piston filler, making the typically fussy fountain pen much more utilitarian. You also get reintroduced to that ingenius, uniquely Bauhausian use of materials every inking sesh — a weekly reminder that you’re kinda dumb tbh and that German designers had it all figured out back in the 60s so you should just give up now.

As good the pen is, it has its issues. The nib really only performs well when angled perfectly on the paper (pen geeks refer to this as the 2000’s notorious ‘sweet spot’), which can be annoying for new users. Also, the very same matte Makrolon that gives the pen its design cred does wear glossy over time, and not necessarily in a wabi-sabi, #patina kind of way.

That said, Lamy’s best in-class aftermarket support (shoutout Bob Nurin of the Lamy Service Center) makes any purchase from the brand worth the money. Over the years, I’ve sent multiple pens in for service nearly and they’ve all come back in tip top condition, nearly free of charge. You’re encouraged to actually use these pens instead of babying them — dispelling the myth that fountain pens are precious, fragile luxuries.

I’d recommend getting the pen from a trusted shop that will sort you out in the case of a manufacturing issue, such as The Goulet Pen Co.. Also for an extra $100, you can even get it in blue.

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