Review: 18 East x Standard Issue Tees Hooded Sweatshirt

Simple logo apparel is usually treated as a cheap(er), money-making entry point that doesn’t actually represent the ethos of the brand. This hoodie OBVIOUSLY isn’t that, just as the fact that I’m OBVIOUSLY the most unbiased reviewer around even though I’ve loved 18 East ever since they were a thing.

I’m sitting here sipping on my beer (Deschutes Obsidian Stout, if you must know) thinking if I should remove I just wrote and not ruin relations with the brand. But, even if the hoodie were a money grab (I still suspect not wink wink), I don’t think it matters. This weighty, slouchy, and comfy hoodie was the only I’ve wanted to wear in the last few weeks.

The imperfect block print, but something something it’s MY imperfect block print

That beautiful purple color, in combination with the volumous silhouette of the drawstringless hood, makes me feel like I’m on some Mace Windu shit in the best possible way, a.k.a. less wimpy death to Anakin, more merciless slaying of Jango Fett. I also forsee the garment-dyed purple fading around the seams, making the hoodie look a lot better with each successive wash or wear.

I don’t know if I buy the whole “best sweats” thing they claim in the description, or if it is that much more insulating that other hooded sweatshirts. I also wish the sleeve cuffs and waist were more elasticated for better silhouette control. But, what seals the deal for me is that the paisley block print on mine is Certified (TM) hand-stamped by the designer/owner Antonio Ciongoli himself. I went by their cool store in Chinatown and I saw that happen in front of my own two eyes. Call me shallow, but the designer-cult-of-personality thing is real.

Many colors have already sold out on 18 East’s website, but you can still get them sans paisley print on the Standard Issue Tee site.

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