Collected Content #4

  1. Cooking As an Art, Vol. 2, with Roberta Smith by Dave Chang
    A second installment of chef Dave Chang speaking to art people, this time with Roberta Smith, arguably the best art critic in the game.
  2. How I Design Stuff, Straight Up by Christopher Schwarz
    A detailed yet consise read on how a furniture designer goes through his design process from start to finish. Now that I’m interning at an industrial design firm, stuff like this is all I want to read about.
  3. Why Patek Philippe’s Thierry Stern is Stubborn About Steel by Joe Thompson for Hodinkee
    This comes as no surprise to many watch enthusiasts, but Thierry Stern has officially admitted that Patek Philippe is intentionally limiting steel watch production despite being aware of the Nautilus’ aftermarket craze. Stern cites IWC’s failure to go back to gold after they moved to steel as an example, saying that “once you lower the price with steel, it is very hard to come back.”
  4. Op-Ed: How Barneys Lost Its Cool by Eugene Rabkin for StyleZeitgeist
    The big fashion story this week is on Barneys New York’s shuttering of 17 out of 22 of its stores. Rabkin explains really well how Barneys used to be the shit, and how financial pressure have forced it to “lose its cool”.
  5. Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? by The Cut
    It’s been said multiple times already, but another piece of edgy yet great reporting on super-rich-rapist Jeffrey Epstein by The Cut.
  6. The Real Story of Supreme by Noah Johnson for GQ
    Hands down the best profile of Supreme out there, by a fashion writer who’s comes from a skate background.
  7. Why Fit Pics Are Headless by Die, Workwear!
    Another great article by Derek Guy linking the headless fit pics to masculinity.

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