Collected Content #2

As I’ve developed my daily media diet, I’ve started collecting articles like people collect stamps. As such, I thought I start sharing the articles I’ve enjoyed this past week.

Credit: Failing Upwards, Barstool Sports

1. Kapital | Century Denim No. 123-S by The Bandanna Almanac

Kapital is one of my favorite brands right now. It is doing the wackiest shit in the workwear/hobowear space, and there’s just no other brand like it. This review of Kapital’s Century Denim made of 3 differently dyed yarns is one example of what makes it so, damn, good.

2. Why I Started Making Watches by Ming Thein (SJX Watches)

A bit of Malaysian pride going into this article recommendation, but it’s always fun to see designers peel behind the curtain of how they got where they are now, espcially for a young and exciting brand like MING.

3. Failing Upwards Podcast with Mordechai Rubenstein

This is really embarassing for me to admit, but the Failing Upwards podcast is my favorite thing to listen to at this moment. Much more than high brow shit like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History or Longform or 99% Invisible. It honestly feels like a cult. Anyways, Mordechai Rubenstein (or Mister Mort) has been a permanent fixture in the menswear game for a while now and is a super cool guest.


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