Collected Content #1

As I’ve developed my daily media diet, I’ve started collecting articles like people collect stamps. As such, I thought I start sharing the articles I’ve enjoyed this past week.

Photo: Die, Workwear!

1. How Tempo is Changing Fashion by Die, Workwear!

I have a feeling that Die, Workwear! is going to have a permanent spot in this new series, but for good reason. With this article, Derek thoroughly covers how the seasonal fashion cycle came to be, how it is being sped up, why that’s damaging and how we can do better.

2. Fuck The Vessel by The Baffler

Hudson Yards, New York’s newest large scale property development project, has not had the greatest of reviews this week. The Baffler adds to that beat down, but this article doesn’t feel like a pile-on as it brings up new points that I haven’t seen around the web.

3. Raf Simons Retrospective: 1995-2015 by 032C

When I first found out about the print version of this article originally published in 2015, I scoured the Internet to try to buy the sold out magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine was flipping for over $100 in most cases, and I wasn’t ready to pay that much for an article. Luckily, it is now free to read on 032C’s website, and boy is it a read. Raf Simons is the G.O.A.T., and holds a solid place on my Mount Rushmore of menswear designers.

4. How to Be An Artist by Vulture

I’m an engineer by training, but I’ve always seen myself as a creative. I first learned of this article through David Chang’s podcast episode with its author, Jerry Saltz. While this article talks specifically about the plight of the artist, I think its lessons could be applied to any other form of content creation.

5. Conspicuous Production — The Obsession with In-House Movements by Watches by SJX

Saying that in-house movements isn’t the be all end all of watchmaking definitely is not the hottest of takes, but this article explains why it is a thing — it’s just cuz.


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