Release Notes: GMK Space Cadet

Release Notes is a series of articles through which I share my thoughts on new Interest Checks, Group Buys and general releases in the keyboard space. Keep in mind that I do not own these pieces of hardware and that information in this article may not be completely accurate. I will try my best to make sure that all information presented here is as accurate as possble.



Originating from a LISP machine keyboard, the Space Cadet’s blue modifier/grey alpha colorway is one of the most sought-after colorways in the keyboard space. Back in the good ol’ days (ah the good old mid-2010s LOL) of custom keycap sets, 7bit, an early community member, initially ran the Space Cadet colorway in the spherical SA with just the regular SA legends. Then in their round 6 buy, 7bit reran the Space Cadet colorway with the full Space Cadet legends, giving rise to the most expensive SA set in the aftermarket.

Some people love the keyset so much that this monstrosity was made.

After an extensive IC phase, Oblotsky and Massdrop have finally launched the rerun of the Space Cadet colorway and legends in the much more typing-friendly GMK/Cherry profile. Rejoice!



Designer: Oblotsky

Maker: GMK

Vendor: Massdrop

Material: ABS plastic with doubleshot primary legends and sublegends

Profile: Cherry profile R1-R1-R2-R3-R4-R4

Price: Base Kit starts at $149.99 (drops to $119.99 at 1000 MOQ)

Group Buy Link: Here


The Space Cadet colorway has always stood out to me as the colorway that didn’t need to do too much to be special. Blue and grey with white legends are nothing special when compared to the multi-colored GMK sets we’re used to seeing, but it still pulls on my heart strings every damn time. This combined with the typically better color matching afforded by GMK is a home run on the color front.

A nice inclusion in the base set are the special keys in the original group buy like ‘Rub Out’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), ‘Hyper’ and ‘Meta’. The set also comes with text modifiers and arrow keys to complete the look, though I prefer the look of icon modifiers if given the choice.

The fully doubleshot legends and sublegends on these are also a welcomed addition over a doubleshot primary legend/pad printed sublegend combo. This is slightly more expensive than a 1000MOQ GMK set would usually be ($10 extra over Nautilus and Yuri), but is in line with other dual-legend sets like Serika (and $10 cheaper than Laser). At the 1000MOQ’s 120 dollar price, this set is a good value for the amount of keys you’re getting and the potentially higher than retail aftermarket price when delivered.

One notable exclusion from this set is the R0/R5 support that the next GMK set, GMK Carbon R2 is getting. I would have loved to see R5 support on this set as it feels more comfortable to type on and looks nicer with that more sculpted aesthetic. This set is just one set too early to get that sweet, sweet sculpting though. While unfortunate, with the number of sets GMK Space Cadet is expected to sell, it shouldn’t be too difficult reaching MOQ for an R0/R5 group buy after the fact.


If you’re looking for the next hottest GMK set to pick up and enjoy the Space Cadet colorway, this is the set for you. I will be picking a set up myself and you should too!

You can pick this set up here!

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