Keyboard Assembly and Switch Lubing Services

Update: I’m currently NOT accepting builds. Sorry for the inconvenience!

On top of reviewing cool stuff, I’m also passionate about building keyboards. I have extensive experience doing these things, and I have some free time on my hands. As such, I’m currently offering a professional custom keyboard assembly and switch lubing service.

For my standard assembly service, I do PCB testing, stabilizer clipping and tuning, band-aid mod, switch alignment, soldering switches and a typing test after. Desoldering, soldering LEDs/SIP sockets and programming cost extra. I have genuine Cherry stabilizers in stock so you could use my stabilizers at cost to save on shipping.

For switch lubing, I brush lube the sliders, housing, nubs if linears, springs and stem with Superlube Oil. Spring swapping, housing swapping and stem swapping are included in the cost, while adding switch films cost extra. I have other lubes, switch films, and springs in stock so you could use my stuff at cost to save on shipping.

Do note that because I currently have a large backlog of things to review, I might be selective in choosing boards to builds as they would also have to be boards that I would like to take a look at.

Here are my costs:

  1. 60/65-key assembly: $50 + shipping
  2. 75-key/TKL assembly: $65 + shipping
  3. 96-key/Compact 1800/1800/Full-Size: $75 + shipping
  4. Switch Lube: 50c/switch + shipping

I’m local to San Diego (92092) so you could save on shipping by dropping it off to me!

If you’re interested, send me an email to with the following template:



Physical Address:

Phone Number:

Reddit/Geekhack/Discord Username (if applicable):


Keyboard Assembly (repeat/delete this section where appropriate)

Keyboard Name:

Preferred Layout (standard/WKL/ISO/etc, be descriptive if needed!):

Desoldering Service (Y/N):

In-House Stabilizers (Y/N):

Band-Aid Mod (Y/N):

Programming Layout (Y/N):

LEDs (Y/N):

SIP Sockets (Y/N):


Switch Lubing (repeat/delete this section where appropriate)

Switch Name:

Lube (BLR’s/Otherwise) :

Switch Quantity: 

Modifications (spring swap/housing swap/stem swap):

Switch Films (Y/N): 

Other BLR Materials (springs/films/lube):


Thanks for viewing!









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